Chaude Memoirs

- used materials: seed beads, mother of pearl (chips, flat rectangule and round shape beads and sea horse pendant), natural shells, cultured pearls, citrine(chips), turquoise (dyed), aquamarine, quartz (a variety of), glass bicones,  copper galvanized glass beads, copper charms, big shell clasp in nichel silver color (hand transformed)
     - brief beadwork description (optional): My project "Chaude Memoirs" is a tribute to a festival that will take place this weekend, named "Women on Matasari"! Matasari is a street in Bucharest, a place well known in the past (even in literature) as a notorius one, filled with easy women, pimps and drug dealers . Some people took the initiative to transform this place in one which promotes art and knowledge!! With this festival we show to the world that women have a lot of talents, abbilities and skills:  singing, dancing, acting, literature, painting, fashion design, handmade artisanal skills and talents, cooking, fun games, and a lot of other stuff that women do and are good at! I will be a part of this festival, with my handmade skills and while working on this project I was thinking a lot to this event! The name, "Chaude Memoirs" (Hot memories), is chosen as a statement for this cause as a memory of the hot moments spent on the sea shore, maybe some hot nights (or days) walking hand in hand with the loved one, a refreshing bathe and game in the clear water, some full of stories footsteps left behind, the special moments looking for beauiful shells and the inimaginable feeling when finding a little seahorse, so gentle and scared, and then setting him free again! There are so many memories related to the seashore or, better said, to the seaside which is as LIFE, so many memories that a lot of women don't have ( with fate chosen mostly by others), so many feelings of love, trust, security, dreaming, hope, laugh, happiness! Most women taste only the salted immerse of the sea, not knowing even how to swim and yet how real life tastes! I choose to state for the beauty and life in it! But yet, a lot of women don't have this choice!

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